Wrong Fuel Recovery Service Edinburgh

Wrong Fuel Recovery Service EdinburghWright Automotive provide wrong fuel recovery across Edinburgh and the Lothians. If you have the misfortune of refueling your vehicle using the incorrect type of fuel, most commonly Petrol in a Diesel, we can help.

So, you`ve added the wrong fuel to your car, what`s next?


Firstly, don't panic. Each year thousands of motorist refuel using the wrong type of fuel risking catastrophic damage to their vehicles engine. Thankfully there is a solution. Using specialist fuel draining and decontamination equipment our mobile mechanics will flush your system, get you refueled and have back on the road again.

Act quickly to avoid further damage to your engine - call us now on 0131 440 2472


  • When you realise you have added the wrong fuel to your car, switch off the engine immediately. Leaving your engine running will circulate the fuel through your system potentially causing more damage to the engine. 
  • Do not try and restart the motor as this further circulates the fuel through your system and will increase contamination.
  • Do not leave the vehicle with wrong fuel in the engine system. As soon as possible arrange for a trained specialist to drain the system. Flushing all traces of the wrong fuel quickly will reduce long-term damage to the engine.