Car and Van Air Conditioning Repair and Servicing Edinburgh

Air conditioning is commonplace in most modern vehicles and air conditioning systems are becoming an essential option for today's motorist. Designed to keep us comfortable and cool during the summer and efficiently demisting windscreens, increasing our visibility during the winter. The safety and comfort a functioning air-con unit provides can be taken for granted until it stops working properly.

Wright Automotive recommend to service regularly your air-con, keeping your vehicles system clean and operating properly. We offer air conditioning repair, servicing, and anti-bacterial cleaning services for all car and van manufacturers from our Edinburgh based workshop.

Car and Van Air Conditioning Servicing Edinburgh

Wright Automotive will diagnose and repair any problem with your vehicles air conditioning system. We fully inspect the system, including venting and fan motors, checking for any leaks or blockages, testing air flow and air temperature.

We offer air-con servicing for all makes and models of car and van. Our air conditioning service includes system inspection, replenishment of coolant and gas levels (re-gas), replacement of all air conditioning filters and lubricants.

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Car and Van Air-Con Recharge

If your air conditioning stops blowing cold air, it usually means there is a problem with the system. Faults with vehicle air-con units can cause excess wear on system parts and lead to overuse,  increasing fuel consumption. Common issues such as a drop in pressure will result in air conditioning losing air flow. The majority of the time an air-con re-gas is all that is required to get your AC system working like new again.

Air-Con Anti- Bacterial Clean

Over time, air conditioning filters diminish and filters become clogged with particulates such as dirt and dust which affect the quality of air for your and your passengers. Bacteria buildup is common, especially if the AC has been unused for long periods of time. If you notice a musty smell or the air flow quality drops, it`s time change your filters.

Need your car or van air conditioning looked at?

If your car or van is in need of aircon repair, recharge (re-gas) or clean book your vehiclein online for an inspection or call 0131 440 2472 and speak with a member of our staff.